Winter Weather ConditionsAs your Kia dealership near Cedar Rapids, Pat McGrath Kia does more than just sell you some of the finest new and used vehicles in Iowa. We’re dedicated to helping you out every second you’re behind the wheel, and part of that includes making sure your car isn’t hurt by harsh Midwestern winters.

Winter Car Care Tips

You probably thank the stars for road salt every time you brave the roads in the winter, or at least you should be. The stuff really does save lives, but boy can it do a number on your paint job. The best way to ensure that your car’s paint stays intact is to use a high quality wax or sealing agent.

While wax certainly is tried and true, paint sealant is a better option. This practically magical liquid offers amazing long-term protection for your vehicle, and an acrylic-based sealant has a lifetime of up to a year and serves as body armor for your car. You won’t get the same shine as with a wax, but adding a carnauba topper can up your shine a bit.

There are other options too, but you’ll find that at some point you’ll have to choose between protection and appearance.

For your wheels and tires, they make a wheel glaze that is something like a protective wax on your wheels that keeps brake dust from sticking to your car. Adding a tire gel is a way of keeping the rubber in your tires hydrated, ensuring it stays flexible, rather than becoming brittle in the winter. It may seem obvious, but make sure your tires are inflated to proper pressure levels. Air offers less pressure in the winter months, which means that if you don’t fill up your tires, they won’t be up to snuff.

Finally, your windshield wipers are one of the components that keeps you the safest while you’re driving. Cracked rubber wiper blades don’t do nearly as good of a job as they should at clearing snow, salt, and grime from your windshield, so be sure to switch your blades out for winter-friendly ones.

If you have any questions or are looking for products to help winterize your vehicle, contact our service center today!

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