2012 Kia optima hybrid

2012 Kia optima hybrid

If you’re like most drivers, you’re sick of shelling out what seems like most of your hard earned money on gas. One solution is we can all go out and buy new hybrid or electric vehicles and zoom around in tiny little smart cars — but even if you’re not in the market for a new EV, there are other ways you can save money at the pump.

Smart Tips For Saving Gas Money

Download a ‘Gas Station Finder App’.  According to one of the top Kia dealers in the Cedar Rapids area this is one of the best first steps you can take. The built-in GPS technology of most smart phones allows you to use these gas station finder apps while you’re driving. Not only do these apps assist you in finding a gas station close in proximity, but they also give you the gas prices at several gas stations.

Change your spark plugs regularly. Most of us seldom think about changing the spark plugs on our vehicles, but this does help with fuel consumption. Spark plugs are easy to replace, inexpensive, and do not last as long as their manufacturers claim they do!

Fill Up Your Gas Tank Properly. Always fill it to the maximum capacity, instead of adding a half tank here and a quarter tank there. This ensures that you will save money and time by not making several trips to the gas station and idling your engine while in line for a pump.

Do Not Top Off Your Gas Tank. Doing this actually pushes gas into the emissions system and wastes your money.

Let your tank reduce to a quarter of its capacity before filling it up, but do not go less than that. Traveling on a quarter tank means you’re actually carrying lighter cargo, which increases fuel mileage.

Fill Your Tires With Air Regularly. By following the manufacturer’s pressure guidelines, you’ll actually increases fuel mileage. Most gas stations have tire-filling machines that are either free to use or have very minimal cost.

Starting Small Can Make a Huge Difference

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, and some might even seem kind of pointless. However, each small action you take will add up to keep more money in your pocket. Hopefully we can all start spending less on fuel as the prices for it keep going up!