Kia is already known for its high-tech vehicles, enhanced by systems like UVO eServices, which delivers convenient connectivity and functionality.

Cars like the Forte, Optima, and Sorento have blown away the competition, especially in the categories of infotainment and technology.

But the brand isn’t standing still, as the experts at Kia have shown their tech-capabilities at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These technologies show the future of Kia and the auto industry as a whole, giving a glimpse to what drivers can expect to see on the roads in the coming years.

Future Technology Not So Far Away


Connectivity between smart phones and vehicles is seen as the future standard for in-car technology.

User-Centered Driver (UCD):
Keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road is paramount to Kia’s technology strategy, and the UCD concept emphasizes this philosophy. The UCD includes an 18-inch widescreen, which provides information such as speed, navigation, and traffic information.

Also included is a 12.3 inch cluster screen, which provides a 3D view of vital vehicle information.

The system is also designed to uses eye and hand-gesture tracking to perform multiple functions, including radio and navigation options.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
Kia has developed state-of-the-art in-car technology for years, and the IVI concept moves the needle further with a seamless delivery of content. This is achieved through a multi-display layout, prominently featured on a 20-inch center console.

Information can then be synchronized through a portable plug-in tablet or the driver’s smartphone, providing easy access to social networking and services like parking assist and navigation.

The system also includes a “Smart Radio”, which allows for personalized playlists based on the driver’s current mood. For example, the driver can play upbeat, happy tunes while driving on a summer highway.

Many experts see vehicle-to-vehicle communication as the future of safety, and Kia’s IVI system furthers this technology with auditory alerts and real-time warnings for potential collisions.

EV Information on Smartphone:
One of the major concerns for electric vehicle technology is “range anxiety” which is the concern that a car’s battery may not make it to the driver’s destination. Kia is helping address this issue with battery information sent directly to a user’s smart phone. With the information, drivers can determine if they need to power their car and make plans accordingly. Kia hopes that having vital battery information may help more people adopt the EV technology.

While none of these technologies have a set arrival date, the way things are going, you may see these systems in production cars sooner than expected.

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