Drive Safely at Night

2012 Kia Optima

Night driving can be a scary proposition: death rates are three times higher during night driving than during the day. Driving safely at night doesn’t have to be a life-threatening proposition, though. As your trusted Kia dealer near Cedar Rapids, we’d like to offer the following tips to help you stay safe.


  • Keep Your Lights Clean – One of the simplest ways to stay safe at night is to keep your headlights properly cleaned. Dirt, mud, and oxidization can cause your headlights to lose effectiveness. This causes problems by decreasing your range of vision, but it can also create issues if other drivers can’t see your turn signals. Clean your headlights yourself or have an expert on your make of car do it for you.


  • Don’t Drink (Or Smoke) and Drive – This tip seems pretty obvious, but a significant number of all road accidents at night are caused by drunk drivers. However, smoking can also cause problems when driving at night, as nicotine and carbon monoxide decrease your range of vision while in your system. Plus, smoke floating through your car can also hamper your view.


  • Reduce Speeds – The modern world is a busy place, and we all want to get where we need to go as fast as possible. However, decreasing your speed by even five mph can give you more time to react to sudden occurrences such as deer or people in the road. A five mph decrease will only shorten your arrival time by a few minutes, which is a good trade-off for avoiding serious accidents.


  • Managing Brights – Keeping your brights on increases your range of view and helps illuminate the eyes of any creature that may run across the road. However, brights also cause huge distractions to oncoming traffic as well as anybody you might be following, so make sure to use them only when it’s appropriate. It is also a good idea to keep your brights off when driving in a city or residential area.


Stay Safe With Help From McGrath Kia

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