2013 Kia Sorento

2013 Kia Sorento

When Kia started selling cars in the United States in 1992 their design was practical, but perhaps unassuming. The design was neutral and from just looking at it, you might not know what manufacturer or even country the car had come from. In 2005 Kia decided that design was its primary recipe for future growth and rethought the entire process of creating their cars.

At McGrath Kia in Cedar Rapids we find that our customers think Kias are the best looking cars out there. Their distinctive lines are instantly recognizable, and they’re the product of Kia head designer Peter Schreyer’s vision. Schreyer is a German auto-designer famous for being one of the designers that created the incredibly influential Audi TT that debuted in 1998. The influence of the Audi TT’s swooping rounded top that blends smoothly into the trunk and hood created a smooth aerodynamic look that has been replicated by many ever since. Schreyer moved to the Kia auto group and brought a level of design verve and panache to the new model years. Here are two of the notable achievements in the current line of Kias.

Tiger Nose

The most distinctive part of any Kia is what has been dubbed the Tiger Nose. This is the unique shape of the grille and front fascia. If you squint you can see that it does look like a cat’s nose in a way. Schreyer introduced the Tiger Nose as a powerful brand identifier to help people immediately know that a Kia is a Kia. It’s a bold design move and was instituted across all Kias after 2007. Schreyer said, “Tigers are powerful, yet kind of friendly” to explain what he wanted the design to convey.

The Soul

The Kia Soul has been a hot spot for car design for the last few years. The bold slanting roof design is both practical and striking. The Soul has also been a place to experiment with special edition and product collaborations. For example, the Soul Hamster and the Soul Denim are playful variations with exciting custom features, paint, and interior touches.

The new 2013 Kias are all boldly designed and embody the powerful yet friendly ethos that’s motivating Kia’s design department. Visit our online inventory to take a look.