Kia Motors is teaming with the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) in California to assist in their efforts of animal welfare and ocean education and awareness.

kia marine mammal soulA Kia Soul, fully dressed in PMMC decor, was donated to the non-profit organization. Kia will also work hand-in-hand with the operation in a variety of ways, including participating in staff beach clean-ups, sponsoring animal recovery efforts, and more.

The donated Kia Soul will be used as a community outreach vehicle and support the organization’s mission of mammal restoration and education.

About the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

The PMMC was established in 1971 and has become one of the leaders in marine mammal research and science. The group responds to approximately 300 marine mammal rescue calls each year, working to rescue, medically treat, and rehabilitate marine mammals like sea lions and seals.

PacificMarineMammalCenterIn 2013, the organization faced one of its biggest challenges when more than 375 unhealthy marine mammals came ashore, causing a resource shortage for the rescue group. A fish shortage, primarily sardines, is thought to be the reason for the crisis.

By partnering with PMMC, Kia can help the group meet the needs of marine mammals and stay prepared for future events.

“We are pleased that Kia has taken an interest in our cause, and sets a great example to other corporations about community philanthropy.”

– Keith Matassa, Executive Director, PMMC

“Since its founding, The Pacific Marine Mammal Center has grown to be a widely recognized leader in marine mammal rehabilitation science and as the Center continues to expand its reach, it is the perfect partner with which Kia can pursue its vision for a greener future.”

– Michael Sprague, VP, Kia Marketing & Communications

Proud to Be a Part of Kia Motors

The Pacific Ocean may be hundreds of miles away, but McGrath Kia in Hiawatha, Iowa is still proud to be associated with Kia Motors, an environmentally-responsible and community-focused organization.

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