If you are considering an all-wheel drive vehicle for winter, you need to try a Kia Sorento. Its fully capable off-road machine that delivers passenger space and infotainment features while easily handling Iowa’s snow and ice.

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The Sorento’s Traction Control System senses spinning wheels and adjusts power and braking to the appropriate wheels. This increases traction and gets the vehicle moving out of mud and deep snow.  It will also help maintain traction while driving over snow, ice, or wet conditions.

Equipped with Hill Decent Control, the Kia Sorento engages the appropriate anti-lock brake to maintain 5 mph throughout the downhill trip, allowing you to focus on steering. The brake system also detects when individual wheels begin to skid, helping you maintain control and reduce stopping distance.

Also included is a Vehicle Stability Management system, which help add steering direction control and helps return the SUV to its intended path.

The Kia Sorento is ready for snow, ice, rain, and mud.

The Kia Sorento is a perfect mid-size SUV for individuals and families. With a very capable off-road design and a fuel efficient engine, this vehicle meets the standards set by Americans who need both economic practicality. And it still hauls an entire family over highways and dirt roads.

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City drivers who want to prepare for the winter months should test drive a Kia Sorento. These vehicles are fully equipped to take you and your family to school, work, and more. Don’t let the snows keep you in, try out a Kia Sorento for the coming winter.

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