2012 Kia Track’ster conceptKia has made the announcement that it will debut a brand new urban concept compact crossover at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The concept, called the Provoke, will be a showcase for the Kia design team. Kia let some heavily stylized pictures leak to the media, and while they’re light on detail, they give us a provocative picture of the  concept crossover. The two-door concept would fit under the the Sportage as Kia’s smallest utility vehicle if it were to make it into production.

These teaser shots show a sporty and stylish small crossover that will greet show goers in Geneva in March. As a two-door or coupe style crossover, it would probably be about the same size or slightly smaller than the current Forte 5-door or Rio 5-door; however, where those cars seem to be geared towards economy, the Provoke concept bears a much stronger resemblance to the current Hyundai Veloster. Hyundai and Kia are under the same umbrella, so there’s a chance that these two cars could be related.

This new concept crossover sports big alloy wheels and muscular curves that say “performance” more loudly than they say “fuel economy.” It isn’t unheard-of for Kia to show off striking high-performance concepts at autoshows. In fact, the new Provoke concept might be an evolution toward production of the Kue concept, which debuted at the 2007 North American Auto Show.

The Kue was another coupe-style two-door crossover that packed serious muscle with a 400-hp supercharged V8 engine under the hood. The new Provoke seems to be a downsized subcompact version of the Kue. Instead of a big-displacement V8, the Provoke will probably see an engine more like the one in another concept — the Track’ster, a high-performance version of the Kia Soul, which packed a turbocharged four-cylinder good for 247 hp.

Whether or not a version of the Provoke will make it to market is hard to say. It would compete directly against cars like the Nissan Juke and the Mini Paceman in the subcompact-crossover market. More and more people are seeing the appeal of this style of car because it offers more flexibility and versatility than a traditional subcompact and more efficiency than a larger SUV. While most people don’t call the Kia Soul a crossover, it does fit that bill well, with an extra-large interior and good gas mileage. Until we hear more about a new subcompact SUV, come check out everything we have to offer at McGrath Kia.