Kia recently named German design guru Peter Schreyer company president.

New Kia president Peter SchreyerSchreyer has been Kia’s Chief Design Officer since 2006, and he is largely credited for giving Kias their sharp, impressive style that has turned them into one of America’s most popular vehicle brands.

Most notably, Schreyer pioneered the now famous “Tiger Nose” grille, a common feature on all models.

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Schreyer was responsible for completely redesigning each Kia model and these drastic improvements benefited the entire brand. He did so much to make Kia a popular car in America that Automobile Magazine named him Man of the Year in 2012.

Before 2006 Schreyer worked with Audi to create the Audi TT, often seen as one of the most influential vehicles in the automotive industry.

Kia continues to be one of the most design-focused car manufacturers in the industry, separating itself with a commitment to sharp and modern designs. But a great looking car won’t become a popular vehicle if it doesn’t back it up with quality and reliability, and these cars never fail to impress on that front as well.

Kia Tiger Nose Grille

The “Tiger Nose” grille, one of Peter Schreyer’s major contributions to Kia vehicles

Whether it’s the sporty Forte or the fully capable Sorento SUV, these vehicles deliver fuel efficiency, reliability, and fun driving every time you get behind the wheel.

With a design focused president at the helm, you can expect more great looking cars from Kia Motors. Stay tuned to this blog for more information and news from one of the most impressive auto brands in America.

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