It’s easy to overlook a brand like Kia.

It doesn’t have the century-long history like the big American and Japanese carmakers. Chances are high you didn’t grow up riding to school in a Kia crossover or car.

But Kia doesn’t dwell in the past; it’s a brand moving forward, and 2014 just might be one of the most important years in the brand’s 20 year history.

A Great Time for Kia

20 Years in America, But 2014 May be the Most Important Ever
Kia_logo20 years ago, Kia began carving out a niche in the automotive market. By focusing on technology, efficiency, and design, Kia was able to form a loyal following, eventually becoming one of the top brands in the nation.

Now that Kia has been around for two decades, it’s no longer seen a part of the automotive periphery. It’s a highly popular, well-respected brand that has earned accolades, awards, and recognition.

So why is 2014 so important for Kia? Because sustaining a high level of success is often harder than attaining it.

By all accounts, the brand is well aware of this fact. During 2013, Kia launched 7 all-new or significantly redesigned vehicles. These top-notch vehicles are now available for drivers who want high-quality, state-of-the-art vehicles at an affordable price.

They want to keep the momentum going, so when the history books are written for the Kia brand, you can expect 2014 to be one of the best years for the brand.

2014 Cadenza: International Car of the Year
CadenzaFor the second year in a row, a Kia vehicle has been named “International Car of the Year” by Road and Travel Magazine.

The 2014 Cadenza earned the award thanks to its stunning design and premium amenities. Last year the 2013 Optima was honored with the award.

The award seeks to find the vehicle that has the best style, comfort, and performance, but it also seeks to find vehicles that make an emotional connection with drivers.

The Cadenza also won a Motor Trend full-size sedan comparison, which pitted the vehicle against competition like the Toyota Avalon and Ford Taurus.

These honors are just more hardware in the ever expanding trophy case, showing the incredible progress Kia has made in the last 20 years.

GT4 Stinger: A High Powered Concept Sports Car
StingerFurthering the efforts to make an emotional connection between car and driver, Kia unveiled the GT4 Stinger, a high-powered concept sports car that hearkens back to the glory days of affordable sports cars.

It’s the brand’s most aggressive concept car ever, with 2+2 seating and 315 horsepower, giving a clear impression of the potential for future Kia vehicles.

According to a press release from Kia Motors, the GT4 Stinger was conceived by gearheads in Kia’s design studio, birthplace of other iconic Kia concept and production vehicles.

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