How to Maintain Your Kia at High Mileage

2012 Kia Forte

2012 Kia Forte

Have you been searching for a Kia service center in Hiawatha IA? Then look no further than Pat McGrath Kia, where we staff highly-skilled, factory-trained technicians in our service department to ensure that your Kia received only the greatest care. While our technicians are trained specifically in the functioning of Kia autos, we’re glad to take care of your vehicle regardless of the make or model. We know that once your car gets up there in miles, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes; luckily, we’ve got some tips for how you can maintain your Kia and keep it running in the best condition possible.

Living with a High Mileage Vehicle

Whether you’ve had your Kia for some time now or you’re just putting starting to put a few extra miles on, scheduling regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. While recommendations vary from service center to center, here’s some guidelines for common maintenance services, though bear in mind that you’ll do no harm having your vehicle serviced more frequently:

–    Every 3,000 miles – add fuel injector cleaner to your gas tank, and above all, change your oil and oil filter.

–     Every 5,000 miles – get your clutch adjusted in manual transmission cars.

–     Every 10,000 miles – rotate your tires and inspect your engine belts.

–    Every 30,000 miles – replace spark plugs and their wires, replace your distributor cap and rotor, inspect shocks for leakage, and change your transmission fluid.

–    Every 6 months – check your power steering fluid and wax your car to prevent the onset of rust.

–     Every year – inspect your brakes, hoses and clamps, and check fluid levels.

–    Every two years – flush your coolant system and check your battery’s performance levels.

We know this can seem daunting, but chances are you’re probably doing a fair bit of it already. By adhering to these maintenance checkpoints, you can ensure that your vehicle lives a long life. If nothing else, try to get your vehicle in to our shop for an engine tune-up every once in a while to take care of the necessities.

Visit our Service Center Today

By bringing your vehicle to Pat McGrath Kia for regular maintenance, you reduce the likelihood of needing to bring it in for emergency repairs, which makes us just as happy as it does you. So visit our website for hours and directions, and then bring your Kia to our service center to make sure it’s running in tip-top shape.