2012 Kia Sportage

2012 Kia Sportage

An automobile is a very large, complex piece of machinery. It requires quite a bit of training and responsibility in order to utilize one, and we at McGrath Kia in the Cedar Rapids area  want to make sure everybody knows that. The more people that realize that drivers need to pay attention to 100% of their surroundings, the safer the roads will be. To put it simply: when driving, try to alleviate all distractions. In this day and age, it proves a little too difficult…our cell phones are too ingrained with our day-to-day lives that it seems impossible to just ignore that text you just got. We’d like to set the record straight and give you a quick list of facts about texting while driving.

Things You Might Not Know About Texting

  • When you look at your phone behind the wheel, your chance of having a collision increases a whole 23.2 times. That’s not 23.2 percent more likely, 23.2 times. It’s quite a large difference.
  • Texting while driving yields a much longer response time than drunk driving. Whereas a focused driver can apply the brakes within a half of a second, a tipsy driver requires four additional feet before response. A texting driver usually needs an extra seventy feet.
  • Five seconds looking at your phone going highway speeds means you just missed an entire football field’s worth of driving.
  • Texting means taking at least one hand off of the steering wheel, meaning the ability to control your car plummets. It puts pedestrians and other cars in danger as it often results in swerving and rapid speed changes.
  • It’s a generational trend, though a more widespread than one may think. 37 percent of drivers aged 18-27 admit to driving under the influence of phone, while 14 percent of drivers 28-44 also succumb to it. Lastly, two percent of drivers 45-60 admit they need to answer that text while driving.
  • Collisions are quick; they only take about two to three seconds…a shorter amount of time than it would normally take to read this sentence.
  • It’s commonly accepted that using a cell phone while driving is in bad form. In fact, 95% of drivers agree that it’s unacceptable and unsafe. What’s surprising is that 21% of them admit to doing it anyway.

Pretend Like You’re at the Movies

When you’re driving, you need to be at the top of your game. You need to watch the whole road, your gauges, your mirrors, and heed any noises you may come across. It’s a good idea to silence your phone when you’re about to head out for a drive, or if you simply can’t, just remember that there’s nothing so important that you’d risk having a car accident. From all of us here at Pat McGrath Kia, we earnestly want our Cedar Rapids streets to be accident-free.