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Kia Bringing Blake Griffin Dunks to Facebook Game

Kia Optima spokesman Blake Griffin is known for his rim-rattling dunks. Now Kia is bringing Griffin’s epic slams to an all new Facebook game,  the “Take on Blake Dunk Challenge”.

Blake Griffin Kia Optima Dunk

Blake Griffin won the the2011 NBA Dunk Contest after leaping a Kia Optima

Players can progress through increasingly difficult dunk challenges against Kid Blake, Young Blake, Teen Blake, and Present-Day Blake.

The game, developed in partnership with Kia Motors, allows for a personalized user experience, letting players select skin tone and a favorite  team.

The new Facebook game is based of the humorous commercial series featuring Blake Griffin and a time-traveling Kia Optima. Throughout the series Griffin goes back to give wisdom and advice to his younger self.

Kia Optima and Blake Griffin: A Winning Team

Blake Griffin and his Kia connection soared into the spotlight during the 2011 Dunk Contest, when Griffin leaped over a Kia Optima for a powerful two-handed dunk, winning the dunk contest, as well as hours of highlight time on ESPN and other networks.

Take a look at the entertaining Time Travels commercials featuring Blake Griffin and his Kia Optima:

Free Throws (1995)

Football: (1997)

Arcade: (1999)

Sunblock: (2002)

Bench Press: (2006)

Bench Press Director’s Cut: (2006)

Kia is the official automotive partner of the NBA , lending its name to the NBA Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year,  Rookie of the Year, and other awards.

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Kia Has Record Monthly Sales, Bright Future

If you haven’t noticed Kia yet, it won’t be long.

The stylish cars, SUVs, and crossovers have become a staple on American roads, and the trend continued during the first month of 2013.

Kia Continues to Climb


The Kia Optima led the pack with 11,252 units sold

Kia reported an all-time sales record for January as the brand moved a reported 36,302 vehicles during January of 2013.

The Optima lead the way with over 11 thousand units sold, followed by the Sorento with about 8 thousand moving.

January 2013 was not a fluke, as Kia is one of only three car brands to experience rising U.S. sales in each of the last four years, and from the looks of things, the trend will continue in the future.

The brand offers gorgeous styling mixed with sophisticated technology and fun-to-drive performance. The car-maker has the leadership of Peter Schreyer, who is a design expert by trade, making them the most design focused auto brand.

Kia is also contributing directly to the American economy with their Georgia assembly plant. The Optima and the Sorento, two of Kia’s top models, are assembled right here in the U.S.A.

On the awards front, Kia is raking in the accolades. The Sportage was given “Best Bet” honors by The Car Book 2013, and the Kia Rio won Motorweek’s Driver’s Choice award for Best Subcompact. Both of these vehicles bring head-turning designs wrapped around impressive power and a wide variety of convenience and safety features.

The carmaker recently showed a concept crossover called the Kia GT Cross at the Chicago Auto Show in February, once again demonstrating the brand’s innovative design and engineering capabilities.

McGrath Kia Has Your Next Ride

If you are looking for a new car, stop out for a free test drive and discover why Kia has become the fastest growing car brand in America.

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Kia Will Be Very Busy at Chicago Auto Show

The 2013 Chicago Auto Show is set to launch on February 7th, and the folks at Kia have some interesting stuff in store.

Kia Vehicles to be Displayed at Chicago Auto Show

Kia Cross GT

Kia Cross GT concept teaser

For starters, Kia released a teaser image of the Cross GT concept that will be shown in Chicago. The image hints at the design future of Kia vehicles.  While the signature tiger nose and familiar Kia sloping shape are clearly seen, the teaser displays a more muscular, beefy-looking Kia vehicle.

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Kia Teams With Google For In-Car System

Kia is teaming up with Google to integrate search-based technology into the UVO telematics system. The Google powered UVO system will enable drivers to use Google Maps and Google Places for driving directions and finding points of interest.

Kia and Google Team up on UVO system

Coupling the system with Google will offer more advanced location searching and allows users to interact with a Google maps system that most are already familiar with.

Kia Cars and SUVs will soon Feature Google Technology

The system will also allow users to access their cars from their phone, by sending information such point of interest of destination request directly to the UVO system. Want to find the nearest Pizzeria. Go to your smart phone, send the information to your Kia, and it’ll be ready with driving directions.

Henry Bzeih, chief technology strategist at Kia called the new system a breakthrough in app-based technology, and added that “due to the popularity and ease-of-use of Google Maps, owners can remain confident in the technology and information being delivered to them.”

The search engine based UVO will be the second generation of the system that is currently available in all Kia models.  The Google based UVO will initially be offered in the 2014 Sorento and is expected to be seen in the 2014 Forte.

The new technology will drastically change the way cars a created in the future. The Google-UVO system will feature many advanced applications:

2014 Kia Sorento

The 2014 Kia Sorento will be the first car with Google technology

  • Google IntegrationeService Guide
  • Car Care Web
  • My POI
  • Parking Minder
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • 911 Connect

The partnership furthers Kia’s status as the most technologically sophisticated car brand. Always at the forefront of infotainment and telematics, Kia has demonstrated a commitment to new technologies and innovative designs.

The new Google powered cars will be available for the 2014 model year, but you can come in now and take a free test drive in a fully equipped Kia Sorento, Soul, Optima, or any other Kia vehicle.

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Kia Gets New Design-Focused President

Kia recently named German design guru Peter Schreyer company president.

New Kia president Peter SchreyerSchreyer has been Kia’s Chief Design Officer since 2006, and he is largely credited for giving Kias their sharp, impressive style that has turned them into one of America’s most popular vehicle brands.

Most notably, Schreyer pioneered the now famous “Tiger Nose” grille, a common feature on all models.

Take a look at our great inventory of Kia cars, and SUVs

Schreyer was responsible for completely redesigning each Kia model and these drastic improvements benefited the entire brand. He did so much to make Kia a popular car in America that Automobile Magazine named him Man of the Year in 2012.

Before 2006 Schreyer worked with Audi to create the Audi TT, often seen as one of the most influential vehicles in the automotive industry.

Kia continues to be one of the most design-focused car manufacturers in the industry, separating itself with a commitment to sharp and modern designs. But a great looking car won’t become a popular vehicle if it doesn’t back it up with quality and reliability, and these cars never fail to impress on that front as well.

Kia Tiger Nose Grille

The “Tiger Nose” grille, one of Peter Schreyer’s major contributions to Kia vehicles

Whether it’s the sporty Forte or the fully capable Sorento SUV, these vehicles deliver fuel efficiency, reliability, and fun driving every time you get behind the wheel.

With a design focused president at the helm, you can expect more great looking cars from Kia Motors. Stay tuned to this blog for more information and news from one of the most impressive auto brands in America.

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Optima Commercial: Over 11 Million Views

A Kia Optima commercial, one of the most entertaining commercials of the year, received over 11 million total views…and counting.

One more view won’t hurt:

The best auto commercials of the year will be honored at the 2013 Detroit auto show. A panel of automotive advertising and journalism experts will vote on the best advertisements of the year, and this Kia commercial is expected to be near the top. Stay tuned to the McGrath Kia blog for more information.

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