Top Car Maintenance Mistakes


Auto MaintenanceMcGrath Kia, your Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha Kia Dealer is happy to provides one of the best on-site repair shops While we love to see our customers in for maintenance, we also love to save you money by offering any tips that might keep you from paying for any unnecessary work on your vehicle, so here are a few things that many drivers these days simply don’t realize about modern auto service.

Tune-Ups Just Don’t Exist Anymore

There was a time when you needed to have your car in for a tune-up. Everything needed to be timed, tightened, tuned, and lubed, and all the belts and valves and seals and spark plugs needed to be checked over. But that’s all changed thanks to computers; any car manufactured in the last 20 years has a computer that’s making sure all of those things are working within the same tight margin of error that before required a mechanic to check up on every few months. Taking a car in for a “tune-up” now mostly consists of a mechanic plugging a device into the car’s computer and checking for error codes that point to where there might be problems. Your warning lights let you know when anything’s off, and more often then not that’s when you need to take your car in.

The Oil Change Myth

Even though we are happy to change your oil whenever you like, you probably don’t need an oil change every 3,000 miles. That’s just the truth with modern cars; they run cleaner and more efficiently than cars of days gone by. Check your manufacturers warranty before making the trip to have your oil changed every 3 months, because your car may be able to run for 5,000 miles or more if you have synthetic oil in your car, sometimes as much as 15,000 to even 20,000 miles before you need an oil change.

Tires Wear Out

This one is the opposite of oil; sometimes tires wear out even if you haven’t worn through the tread. Tires are only good for about 5–10 years, so if you don’t drive very much or if you’ve purchased used tires, it’s good to check how old the tires actually are because the decaying rubber can cause tires to fail while driving.

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