6a00d83451b3c669e2019b006f78c4970c-800wiCars.com put a slew of compact sedans to the test to see which one is superior.

All seven vehicles were priced under $20,000 and a combined minimum mpg of 28. The specifications fit perfectly into what the compact car buyer looks for: affordability and efficiency.

Out of seven vehicles from carmakers like Ford, Subaru, Toyota, and Nissan, the Kia Forte came out with the championship belt.

2014 Kia Forte Wins Cars.com Compact Sedan Challenge

Finding a Winner:
The panel of judges included 6 journalists and automotive experts from sources like MotorWeek, USA Today, and Cars.com.

The panel also included a special guest: Carol Gluckman, a librarian from Maryland who is in the market for a new compact car. While Mary may not have the automotive or journalist background like the other judges, she represents the target consumer for these vehicles, giving her a unique perspective on the competition.

Due to the price tag limitation, a few compacts sedans were left on the sidelines, but that still left 7 different compact cars for the panel to judge.

Why the 2014 Kia Forte:
There were many factors that led to the Forte’s victory, but the three biggest ones were handling, interior features, and exterior styling.

The handling was found to be smooth and responsive, with a strong engine that give a great acceleration from a stand-still or on the highway.

To no one’s surprise, the Kia Forte came loaded with interior features.  This is something Kia has mastered for all their vehicles, and the 2014 Forte is no different, with many options – even at the price level that was tested.

The exterior may have been the most popular part of the 2014 Forte, as reviewers loved the “dynamic exterior styling” which made the vehicle stand out from its “conservatively styled competitors”.

2014 Kia Forte for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

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