The 2014 Cadenza outpaces the Toyota Avalon

The 2014 Cadenza outpaces the Toyota Avalon

The all-new 2014 Kia Cadenza debuted earlier this year with a bevy of fanfare and positive reviews.

Consumer Reports is getting in on the act, as its ranking of large sedans places the Kia Cadenza over perennial favorite, the Toyota Avalon.

The Kia Cadenza landed in 2nd place, pushing the Toyota Avalon down to 3rd.

Kia Cadenza Ranked Ahead of Toyota Avalon

Kia designed the 2014 Cadenza for this exact purpose, to complete with top-sellers like the Toyota Avalon and Ford Taurus.

The car features a powerful V6 engine, and although the vehicle is a large sedan, it has the handling and nimbleness of a smaller car.

Of course, the Cadenza is made by Kia, and that means a wide array of technological innovations, including Kia’s UVO eServices. These easy-to-use tech features helped propel the Cadenza to a great Consumer Reports ranking.

Consumer Reports: A Trusted Source for Information

2014 kia CadenzaConsumer Reports is a monthly subscription magazine that reviews and compares a wide range of products, including automobiles.

Most reviewers rely on samples and donations from manufacturers. Consumer Reports, however, fiercely guards its independent reputation by only testing items that the company has purchased, often anonymously.

This keeps all reviews thoroughly independent, so when the group puts the 2014 Kia Cadenza in high regard, you can be sure that the vehicle is built to meet even the most meticulous reviews.

Other publications have also given positive reviews to the Cadenza. For example, U.S. News ranked the 2014 Cadenza as the #1 Affordable Large Car. Road Test Reviews gave the vehicle an 8 out of 10, and called it a “prime competitor in the large sedan segment.”

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